poniedziałek, 15 października 2012

Jagdpanther (middle version) "302" sPz.Jg.Abt. 654

Hi! It's one of my current projects. I would like to finish this project to the end of february because 2-3 march 2013 in Bytom(Silesia) will be organized a great modelling festival. The base kit is dragon 6458 and i added zimmerit from Atak (i made more real texture through surfacer 500) , grilles/barrel form Aber - pak 43/3, towing cables from Eureka XXL, Corrected fenders (2 parts) + resin rivets and side skirts are from Panzerart. I tested it and as you can see everything is fine. I suppose that this product will be in the near future in sell.
I would like to do "free" interpretation of vehicle from sPz.Jg.Abt. 654. This tank (302) was commanded through feldwebel Heye. Action place - France 1944.
More photos soon.

niedziela, 7 października 2012

Come back!

Hi everybody!

Sorry for those little break.. but i hope that you understand : vacation, sunshine, travels.. But all good things come to an end. I hope that you too spent a good time. Free time is over it's time to get to work. But i couldn't resist without my hobby and I have some projects in progress. I will show some photos in this week.

Best regards

środa, 8 sierpnia 2012

"Kummersdorf freak"

I would like to present my next project. It's Pak 44 on the hull of the King Tiger. I made a platform from plastic tiles and I added welds. More soon.

New look..

I wasn't happy from the previous painting and i decided that i must repaint this tank. I think that now it's better.

piątek, 6 lipca 2012

E-50 Standardpanzer [SF] Trumpeter 1/35

Hi! I started a new project. I think that topic of "panzerwaffe 46 and later" is very interesting. I don't want wasting of time in this case on reading historical books and other materials about panzers. Model is already for painting. I added some welds and other modifications. I used to friulmodel tracks ATL-37 for king tiger (late type).

I would like to present my the best assistant :