wtorek, 22 lipca 2014

T-34/85 1945 - 183 Zavod / factory

This model present a russian T-34/85. It's late version of this vehicle. The model is from Zvezda with Eduard photo-etch. Metal barrel is from Aber, tracks is friulmodel product, towing cables from Eureka XXL and as you can see many manual reworks. I used PANZERART product : T-34 with captured “Panther” Road Wheels (183 and 174 Zavod) RE35-169. It's probably from the 31st Ind. Guard Flame-thrower Tank Brg. of the 4th Ukrainian Front. This vehicle was destroyed by an internal explosion between Čelčice - Klenovice villages. This model recived a gold medal & highly commended on Mosonshow 2014.